01 June 2007

Welcome to Genealogical Eclectica

That is really the title. Don't bother checking the dictionary to see what "eclectica" means -- I tossed around many ideas and liked this gramatically incorrect one. This blog will not be on just one topic related to history and genealogy. It will cover a variety of topics, thus it will be eclectic. I will keep you posted on my activities, genealogical events in a broad range of geographic areas, research tips, current and past news, volunteerism, networking and many other subjects. At times you may have to endure news about my family. My family goes far beyond my beloved children and grandchildren. I am Mom or Grandma to a lot of my colleagues. No, they are not all on my birthday or Christmas gift giving list! But, they all have a special place in my heart.

Why did I really begin this blog? Fellow genealogists and other friends often ask where I will be lecturing or researching. They tell me to keep them posted so they can keep up with me. Other ask what is new in genealogy or at a particular library, archive, or historical society.

This blog seems to be the easiest way to reach many people. I do have to warn you that postings will not always be every day. At times there may be one a week and sometimes there might be several in one day. You will be able to post comments. If you see that I have misstated something, have a typo, or just have something to add to the discussion, please join in.

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