07 August 2008

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Update

10 August UPDATE: all registrations for Course I can be done online. Thanks to the webmaster for fixing this!

I received this note today from the 2009 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (January 8-12) about the course that I coordinate at SLIG.

"For some reason, the popular Course 1 "American Records and Research: Focusing on Localities" with Paula Stuart Warren does not appear in the registration area of the UGA members section. It is listed in the non-member section. Our programmer is still working on solving this problem.

To register for Course 1, UGA members should email info@infouga.org to reserve a place. Then submit payment ($280 until Oct. 30th):
- by mail to UGA, PO BOX 1144, Salt Lake City, UT 84110
- or by credit card by calling our toll free number at 1-888-463-6842

For further info, please contact the Utah Genealogical Association."

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