27 February 2009

Appearance: Kalamazoo, Michigan: March 28, 2009

In just one month, I will be presenting four lectures at the Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society's Spring Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan. To learn more and register for the event click here. These are the lectures:

NUCMC and its Cousins: Keys to Lost Ancestral Records:
One of the important aids since 1962 is the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections and its modern cousins. Where might Great Aunt Sadie’s diary be today? Where are the records of the circuit rider who traversed Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan located? Frequently, genealogists think that there may be no records for part of the family. However, there may be substantial information buried away in a manuscript collection.

Tho’They Were Poor, They May Have Been Rich in Records: So many researchers put up artificial brick walls because their ancestors weren’t land owners, were perennial renters staying one step ahead of the bill collector, or didn’t leave behind a ten page will listing all the children. Our poorer relatives are traceable and this lecture will show helpful records.

Organizing Your Genealogical Materials: How tall are the stacks of your genealogical materials and in how many rooms are your papers and books stored? This lecture will help you organize sensibly and give tips to keep you on top of your organization.

Finding Ancestral Places of Origin: Still looking for great-grandma or grandpa’s place of origin, and it wasn’t under the apple tree? Where in Sweden was Aunt Lily born? This lecture shares records and research strategies which may help you identify that place.

It's an easy drive from many cities: Kalamazoo is only 95 miles from Ann Arbor; 61 Lansing; 117 Racine WI; 54 South Bend, IN; 111 Toledo, OH; 121 Dearborn MI; 86 Chicago; 132 Elkhart, IN; 86 Fort Wayne. I hope to see you there.

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