23 March 2009

Did you read the Betsy and Tacy books?

OK, I am dating myself. As a child I spent a lot of time borrowing books from the Highland Park Library in St. Paul and my Grandma Toots made sure I had plenty of Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins books to read. One other series I liked was Maud Hart Lovelace's series about Betsy and Tacy. Maud lived from 1892-1980.

Apparently I was not alone for there is a Betsy-Tacy Society and many other websites devoted to discussion of the series. Much of the series is based on family, friends and sights in Mankato, Minnesota where Maud grew up, but in her books is called Deep Valley.

I was reminded of these books when I read about the destruction of the home of a real-life person, a man that she based one of her characters on. You can read more at Minnesota Post in a article by Joe Kimball.

During my own genealogy research I discovered I had relatives that had and do live in Mankato. I wonder if Maud or her parents ever spent time with any of my relatives. Perhaps my relatives purchased shoes in the shop Maud's father owned?

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Kathryn Doyle said...


I loved the books too and I read them over and over again. I never owned any of them but I did purchase a few for my daughter. Thanks for the memories!