30 October 2009

7,000 books with no place to go

I just read a story about the Sequoia Genealogical Society in Tulare, California. The society owns between 5,000 - 7,000 books that have been housed in the public library in Tulare since 1976. They were recently informed that they are being "evicted" even before moving into the new city library. The space for the genealogy section had been on the drawing board for the new library. The library says it needs to serve more people. "The library now plans to use that space for a learning center, which would offer tutoring, job training and community group activities."

I wonder if the library ever did anything to promote the genealogy section that was staffed by volunteers? Click here to read the full article. The genealogy section is included on the library's website here. The website says it is "one of the largest collections of genealogical materials between Los Angeles and San Francisco."

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