01 November 2009

Purdue year books online

Did you, an ancestor, or other family member attend Purdue University? The Purdue yearbooks from 1889 through 2007 are now online according to a November 1st article at BoilerStation.com.

"Sammie Morris, head of archives and special collections at Purdue, said the library staff saw a need to scan the yearbooks due to the many requests that come from out-of-town individuals searching for information. And, she said, month-to-month statistics show hundreds of thousands of visits to the site since its launch in February."

It is possible to search by a name, topic, building name, or other ways. An advanced search capability is offered for this and other digitized items. Checking year after year shows a changing view of the campus, courses, activities, and of course, the students.

The 1907 edition shows very few women but has an interesting entry on page 173 for one of the men, Lester Elliot Gunn from Toledo, Ohio. "He expects to enter the employ of the Wabash Railroad and we all hope to see him President some day." Sadly, there is a handwritten addition to his entry "Deceased October 2, 1918." In 1907 the thesis topic of each graduate is listed.

Read the full online article by clicking here. The name of the yearbook? Debris. No, I did not check for the reasoning behind that name. Any Purdue grads want to explain?

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