09 June 2011

FGS genealogy conference blog update

If you are thinking about registering for the 2011 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference for the Nations' Genealogists you might want to look at all the recent news. The FGS Conference News Blog has been busy lately and many more exciting posts are on the way between now and early September.

The conference takes place in the Land of Lincoln, Illinois -- Springfield to be exact. The dates are September 7-10, 2011. When you look at the conference website, you will see that it's less than 90 days till the conference begins!

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FGS Conference News Blog  http://www.fgsconferenceblog.org/
FGS Conference Website  http://fgs.org/2011conference/

Disclosure -- I am the editor of the FGS Conference News Blog and Co-Chair of the 2011 Conference.

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