12 July 2011

Vacation on a budget

Are you getting some "wish you were here" postcards or watching your neighbors hook up the boat and trailer and feeling like you are missing out on some vacation time? Many genealogists interpret vacation as going somewhere to research, attend a conference or institute or order a bunch of birth and death certificates. How about a few ideas for something to do that is different from your everyday life and yet have a history, genealogy, technology, or family connection? I recently received a post card from Germany where my oldest granddaughter was on an exchange program. It's not possible budget or time wise for me to go to Germany so I will be taking the three youngest grandchildren to visit Germany in Minnesota -- New Ulm in Brown County.
To find more opportunities, check out city, county, and state tourism sites. 

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    DianaR said...

    Great ideas! And a great reminder that we shouldn't waste time moaning about what we CAN'T do but instead figure out what we CAN do. :-)