08 December 2011

Great places to Christmas shop

Are you looking for some unique Christmas gifts? When's the last time you checked at the gift shops in the historical societies and museums in your area? I was at the Minnesota Historical Society's gift shops in St. Paul a couple days ago. I found some great things and will probably stop back there for a few more items.

Many county level historical societies have gift shops. So do history, science, and children's museums. Some public libraries also have gift shops.

I almost laughed at the Janet Lennon paper dolls. No, I didn't buy them.


Greta Koehl said...

I received a Janet Lennon paper doll for my 7th birthday.... Gotta check out what my local historical society has.

Kerry Scott said...

They used to have a discount day in December for members (which also worked at their online store, for those of us who are Minnesotans living "abroad" in Wisconsin). I've been watching my email for the notice, but I haven't received it so far this year.