08 March 2008

Minnesota Clubmaker of the Year

Club as in golf. What does that have to do with genealogy? When it involves my nephew, Tim! I have two amazing nephews and an amazing niece. All are accomplished adults now and as I sit and talk with them, I have those memories of them as little kids running around.

Tim was just named Minnesota Clubmaker of the Year by the Golf Clubmakers Association which represents the U.S. and Canada. Tim owns 19th Hole Club Repair in So. St. Paul, Minnesota. Tim learned his craft in Arizona -- there are schools for learning the various technical and business aspects of the golf industry. Hmmm -- maybe I should add golf schools to my lecture on school records!

I imagine that some of you are saying Golf? Minnesota? This state is known for its world-class golf courses. People from all over travel to Minnesota in the spring, summer, and fall to resorts with golf courses. We are a vacation destination state with those 10,000+ lakes. Even smaller towns have well-known golf courses here.

Just in case you or someone you know is a golf enthusiast, check out the premier issue of Tee Times Minnesota Golf & Living. Tim is covered on page 15. If you ever visit their store, be sure to say hi to the lady behind the desk -- that is usually my sister, Linda.

Congratulations Tim!

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