21 September 2008

14,300 Years Ago!

I read an article today that added a whole new range of time to our genealogical research. Archaeologists and anthropologists have pinpointed proof that humans were on the North American Continent earlier than the previous marker of Clovis, 10,000 years ago. That is, the oldest proof they now have shows that it was 14,300 years ago. DNA research on coprolites determined this. Ouch, how many more generations does that add for family historians, especially those with American Indian ancestors? Who will write the first genealogy how-to guide on this? What genealogy software program will handle this? It's just like we are taught -- you are never finished with the family history research.

Coprolites? You are just going to have to look that up for yourself. I want to see the family history and the source citation for this.

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