01 October 2008

American Archives Month

October is American Archives month. Important? That would be an emphatic yes for family historians. Where would our research be without our local, county, state, and federal archives? What about archives devoted to specific topics? When you research at one of these archives in October, be sure to thank the staff for being there for you. Archivists are not a highly paid group and most archives have had major budget cuts for several years.

That registration certificate for Grandpa's first car, Uncle Manny's naturalization record, a probate file for Grandma's father, the case file for a divorce, great grandpa's Union or Confederate pension, grasshopper relief applications, tax records, bankruptcies, and more are found in archives.

Here are some links to important articles and archival websites archives that will help demonstrate the value. Some of these share info on special activities for Archives Month. Many archives have website that include indexes, finding aids, catalogs, and other helpful information.

Arkansas History Commission
Minnesota State Archives
Pennsylvania State Archives
Texas State Library and Archives
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Utah State Archives
Washington State Archives

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