16 October 2008

Tagged by another blogger

Kathy Brady-Blake, CG, of Kathy's Genealogy Blog tagged me. It is basically a challenge to respond with my own answers and tag other Bloggers to do likewise. Here goes:

***10 Years Ago I........

Was beginning work on the FGS 2001 Quad Cities Conference
Lost my gallbladder
Was awaiting the birth of my daughter’s first child
Was renewing friendships with some people from New England
Was on an extended research trip to NARA in DC for a client

***5 Things on Today's To-Do List......

1. Write on my blog
2. Call my Dad
3. Tons of TMG data entry for a client
4. Vacuum
5. Remind SLIG instructors that syllabus material is due to me November 8th

***5 Snacks I Enjoy........

1. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate
2. Soft Serve chocolate & vanilla twist ice cream in a cup
3. Strawberries
4. Anything mint
5. Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic

***5 Places I Have Lived......

1. St. Paul, Minnesota (7 addresses)
2. Mountain View, California (3 addresses)
3. Zimmerman, Minnesota (1 address)
4. Eden Prairie, Minnesota (1 address)
5. That’s all folks

***5 Jobs I Have Had.....

1. Candy Girl and Ticket Sales at Highland Movie Theater, St. Paul
2. Shipping and Receiving at Feldman’s in Highland Park, St. Paul
3. Office help at Hart Ski Manufacturing in St. Paul
4. Day Care Provider
5. Genealogical researcher/lecturer/writer/consultant

***5 Blogs I tag to play.....

David at David Lambert Blog
Alvie at Alvie's Genealogy Spot
Steve Danko at Steve's Genealogy Blog
Drew and George at Genealogy Guys Podcast
Miriam at AnceStories

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