20 May 2010

Liquor store

Every genealogist should visit the liquor store!

Yes, you read that correctly. At least this applies to most of the genealogists I know. None of us has unlimited genealogy funds. But we love maps and large charts and need a way to store them. Oh, a map cabinet would be perfect but even used ones are costly. The solution is to go the liquor store or the liquor area of your grocery store. I said go, not drink. Though some genealogy brick walls might have us thinking about that drink!

The boxes that wine and liquor are delivered in, make a great place to store oversize items. The dividers that separate the bottles leave enough space to place a rolled up map or chart. Make a simple table in your computer and type the contents of each divider as illustrated below. Tape it to the side of the box so that you know what is in each divider. I do have more than one rolled item in each divider.

You can also purchase archival quality map tubes, flat bloxes, and other storage options from places such as Hollinger Metal Edge and Light Impressions .


Kerry said...

Oh wow. That's brilliant! I'm going to head to the liquor store this weekend.

Greta Koehl said...

Hey, I still have one of those that I used to store Christmas ornaments in - now I have a use for it! Thanks!

Brenda said...

Clever girl!