10 June 2010

What I did on my summer vacation . . .

Do you remember that annual school writing assignment each September? I am challenging you with such an assignment. As you travel for genealogical education, research in libraries, courthouse, historical societies and archives, and to walk the streets where you ancestors lived, make notes for your paper to turn in. Of course I would be thrilled to post your assignment result here on my blog, but maybe one of the genealogical societies of which you are a member might like to publish your assignment in their blog, newsletter, or quarterly. It's a great way to share experiences with each other. It might make a good presentation for a fall meeting of your society.

Tell others about topics such as these:
  • Does the research place and/or city have a website and what helpful info is found online
  • What other prep did you do before your trip
  • Do you live in the town where you did the research or learned more about the place? Share that experience too.
  • What was the parking like at the place? Did you take public transportation?
  • What were the hours of the research place? 
  • Cost for parking, copies, etc.
  • Finding aids once you were there, databases onsite?
  • Was the staff helpful? Did it take long to get materials you requested?
  • Were the records, books, indexes, films accessible? Had anything been transferred to another location. 
  • What could you have done to be better prepared?
  • You will also be writing yourself a report so that you can review it before your own next trip there.

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