02 April 2012

1940 Census: non-resident form

One form that is part of the 1940 U.S. census the whole world seems to be trying to access today is the Non-Resident Schedule. This is for enumerating people where they were on the day the census taker visited, but who said that wasn't their usual place of residence. An example of this form is found for Alturas, Modoc County, California on Ancestry.com: http://bit.ly/H50Ssm. The people are enumerated in in Alturas, Enumeration District 25-4, but state that they live in Delmorma School District in Modoc County, E.D. 25-7. This was found at the end of E.D. 25-7.

The enumerator instructions on the National Archives website shows this for this non-resident schedule:

Thank you to Cyndi Ingle Howells of Cyndislist.com for pointing this form out to me.

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Bartman said...

Thanks for this information, Paula.

I don't understand where the Non-Resident Schedules are located for a given ED. My grandfather's entry in the 1940 Population Schedules in Cleveland has a line through it and states his information has been "transferred to the non-resident schedule"

I have been through all 26 sheets in ED 92-821 (he is on the first page) and find only Population Schedules, with no Non-Resident Schedules.

Since I get only one hit on his name, Gustave P Hansen, in the Population Schedules, I wonder if the Non-Resident Schedules have not been indexed.

Do you have an email address for the person who sent you this information?

Thanks very much,
Bart Hansen