11 April 2012

FGS seeks website administrator

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) seeks an experienced Website Administrator to maintain its current web presence and assist with the transition to a new web platform during the coming months. This is a paid position.

The duties and responsibilities of the Web Administrator are to:
  • Create, maintain and support all components of the current FGS website hosted at Tiger Technologies and using the FGS domain http://www.fgs.org. This includes the 2012 FGS Conference website component at http://www.fgs.org/2012conference.
  • Maintain backup copies of data for the purpose of data recovery and re-creating the FGS web presence if necessary due to data loss or disaster.
  • Write and maintain HTML, PHP and MySQL code necessary to maintain a stable web presence for FGS.
  • Track all website changes using accepted change control and tracking methodologies.
  • Update and create website documentation as needed and to ensure successful transition to future web administrators.
  • Create and generate reports as needed and as requested by various FGS committee chairs.
  • Maintain the Records Preservation and Access Blog (http://www.fgs.org/rpac) and assist RPAC members with blog posts and technical issues.
  • Assist with transition from current PHP/MySQL platform to the Easy Net Sites platform (http://www.easynetsites.com) during 2012.
  • Previous experience creating and managing websites. Experience with non-profit organizations preferred.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of HTML, PHP and MySQL. Ability to generate reports via MySQL as requested.
  • Ability to explain technology and website operations in a non-technical manner to various FGS board members via written periodic reports.
  • Ability to respond quickly to requested website changes.
  • Experience in website transition and upgrade to new platforms.
Reporting Relationship
The Web Administrator will report to the Vice President of Administration. The Web Administrator will submit a timesheet each month to the Treasurer for payment.

The Web Administrator will be paid at a rate of $45.00 per hour for up to ten (10) hours per month for all work performed. If additional work beyond ten (10) hours per month is required, the Vice President of Administration or the President must authorize the additional work and the Web Administrator shall be paid at the same rate of $45.00 per hour.

Format and Ownership of Code and Data
The current FGS website has been developed using Open Source development tools including HTML, PHP and MySQL. The proposed FGS website is written in proprietary code and uses a WYSIWYG format with optional HTML code input. The Web Administrator will make no claims of ownership of any code created for FGS. The Web Administrator will make all of the source code available as request by FGS.

The Web Administrator will hold all information concerning FGS, its member societies, and other information as confidential.

Term of Contract
The term of contract will be until December 31, 2012 and can then be extended in one-year increments by mutual agreement.

Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to D. Joshua Taylor, FGS Vice-President-Administration: at josh@djoshuataylor.com

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