10 April 2008

Another driving trip

April showers bring May flowers. The flowers should be amazing this year. The rain in the central third of the U.S. has been beyond believable.

I left home to drive to St. Louis to speak at the St. Louis Genealogical Society Conference this Saturday. What did I leave behind in Minnesota? My residence in Zimmerman will get about 10 inches of snow Friday and Saturday. Duluth (where my daughter lives) will get snow amounting to close to two (2!) feet.

As I drove through Iowa today, I didn't have snow to contend with, but I did have heavy rain, strong winds, and was dodging tornadoes. I spent quite a bit of time in stores once I heard the tornado warnings. Thank goodness for books on CD -- that makes the driving time seem to pass quickly.

After the conference, I will be doing some research and then will be in Cincinnati next Friday and Saturday for the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference. One of my talks there is on researching people who lived and worked on or near Midwestern rivers. I am spending some of my driving time along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers so that I am immersed in the topic (not immersed in the river!).

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