08 April 2008

These are my favorite things . . . about genealogy cruises

  1. So many interesting people to talk with
  2. So many interesting people to just watch
  3. Teaching genealogists in a relaxed setting and then sitting around talking genealogy at lunch (even better watching the people who hear the word genealogy and want to join the group -- but, it's too late, you have to be a part of our special group)
  4. Visiting white sand beaches and wading in the clean, bright blue water and then sitting on the beach talking about genealogy brick walls
  5. Shopping on ship and in the ports of call (such bargains!)
  6. Walking around the ship listening to neat music on my headset
  7. Taking historic and nature tours in the ports of call
  8. Doing nothing except sitting in a deck chair sipping a cool drink and reading a book
  9. Singing in the piano bar at night
  10. Having a late night snack with new genealogy friends and just laughing
  11. Teaching genealogists in a relaxed setting and then sitting around at an umbrella table talking genealogy at lunch with a pool and the ocean in the background
  12. Having breakfast on a beautiful morning as I look out at the ocean and the blue sky
  13. Winning an exquisite tennis bracelet (I really did win one on a cruise)
  14. Attending a free Broadway style stage show one night, a movie the next day, and playing miniature golf in-between
  15. Not using the rock-climbing wall but instead having a glorious massage
And talking with someone you never met before who says that the genealogy groups seem to have a better time on the cruise than some of the other groups! I know why -- we are quite passionate about what we do, we enjoy life, we want to help each other, and we understand that people and networking are vital to our passion. To join the entertaining and educational fall 2008 Genealogy Cruise check out this website.

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