29 May 2008

African Renaissance Campaign for Family History

On one of the news services I subscribe to, I ran across an interesting article "South Africa: Genealogy Project to Connect Family History." Click on this article title for the whole story.

It comes from BuaNews (Tshwane) and states that "KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sibusiso Ndebele is to officially launch the Family Tree Project aimed at facilitating research into family history and connecting family members."

The project, to be launched in Durban on Wednesday is part of the 10th Annual African Renaissance Festival. Mr. Mdebele is the provincial chair of the African Renaissance campaign. Schools will issue assignments about family history and part of the campaign will be to enable the collaboration between academics and family historians in documenting respective family histories.

I wish there were such programs in other parts of the world, including the U.S. It might be a more peaceful place once folks learned how interconnected we are. The good and the bad we find in our family is a fact of life and it helps us to be more humble.

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