26 May 2008

Memorial Day 2008

It was dark and dreary here today and I hope that didn't ruin any of the Memorial Day Celebrations. This morning I spoke with my Dad and said he was my favorite veteran. Dad served in the Army Air Corps in World War II. He was in the 1103rd Army Air Forces Base Unit.
He was discharged at a Staff Sergeant after serving as an aerian engineer working on aircraft. He received his training at Chanute Field in Illinois and other training in Provo, Utah and Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. Dad has wonderful stories, and yes, I have interviewed him and typed them up. I love hearing his stories about riding camels, seeing the Great Sphinx at Giza, pyramids, and more. He told about helping to train Russians, about being very ill and in a British Naval Hospital where he was visited by Jack Benny. At one place he was stationed, he and his buddies had a monkey. Dad has a hearing disability, likely from the noise of working on the aircraft.

Thanks Dad and thanks to all the other brave folks in the military today and in the past.

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Brenda said...

How fortunate that you still have your Dad, Paula! What a world of stories he must have. I'd love to see a picture of his camel experience (a special obsession of mine)if he has one.