28 June 2008

A genealogist on the move

Those of us who have the genealogy bug should never move. We have too much stuff. Over the next week, I am moving. Yes, again.

Since last August I have been living at my oldest son's home. There is plenty of room for me. I kept thinking that I would find a place to live sooner than this, so 90% of my many boxes of books were never unpacked. I also didn't need to unpack all my china and kitchen stuff for here. My son said that my couch and love seat will NOT be moving with me.

So, the bookshelves, printer, computers, back-ups, reference books, reference files, family files, client files, and a box of mysterious cables and cords will be traveling again.

I found a one level town home to rent. My commute to my main client's offices is now going to be 20-30 minutes instead of the sometimes 2 hours each way. I have loved the peacefulness of the country, the deer outside my office window, and being close to one set of grandchildren. The others are 2-1/2 hours away. I will be just minutes from a large shopping center, much closer to the airport, but still in a peaceful area with a park and woods nearby.

The main reason for moving is that my son is getting married in a month. I gain a wonderful daughter-in-law in the process. And 4 more grandchildren. I have known them for 3 years and love them all. The wedding will be in their large yard and has a Hawaiian theme. This means I can find a cool mother of the groom outfit.

There will be no change in my e-mail address.

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Lori Thornton said...

I don't envy you the task of moving. People who helped me move from a townhouse into a real house about 20 months ago couldn't believe how much stuff I had. It's mostly genealogy stuff though -- books, files, etc.