19 June 2008

Genealogy and today's newspapers

I love to read news stories, obituaries, and press releases that mention words such as archives, indexes, genealogy, genealogical . . . you get the idea. I will continue to pass along such articles when I come across them.

A long-time friend died this week. Patrick Chandler, along with his late wife, Dorothy, was a volunteer extraordinaire for the Minnesota Genealogical Society Library. Pat's obit in yesterday's St. Paul Pioneer Press did mention his genealogy involvement. The name of the society was not quite correct, but at least it did mention genealogy.

A recent issue of the Shakopee Valley News carried an article about a group of volunteers, led by Betty Dols, who gave many hours to index newspapers and other items for the Scott County (Minnesota) Historical Society. I recall Betty telling me that at one time, her dining room table was covered with Scott County records. Now, these are found at the SCHS's Stans Museum in Shakopee. If your family was in the county or in surrounding areas, you should check out their indexing results on the website.

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