28 June 2008

SLIG 2009, January 12-16: Course I classes

I coordinate and teach in the annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy's Course I: American Records and Research: Focusing on Localities. The lineup of classes for this course is below. Read the entry just before this one for more about SLIG in general, the instructors in this course, and the other courses.
  • Never Enough Time! Strategies and Organizational Tips & Tools for Busy Researchers
  • Answers in County Courthouse and Town Hall Record
  • Family History Library Labs on 3 afternoons: one-on-one help in the FHL
  • Greater Success through Source Citation
  • Becoming Americans: Finding and Using Naturalization Records
  • Homestead and Related Records: The Basic Processes
  • The WPA Era: What It Created for Genealogists
  • On and Off the Net: Locality Searching
  • How to Avoid Being Duped on the Internet
  • Homestead and Related Records: Maximizing the Bureau of Land Management Web Site
  • Vanity Sketches: Sources and Truths Behind Mugbook Entries
  • Genealogical and Historical Periodicals In Print & Online
  • Finding Ancestral Places of Origin in U.S. Records
  • Tic-Tac-Toe with Historic Legal Basics
  • Newspaper Research: The Dailies, Weeklies, and Beyond
  • Finding Immigrant Arrival Records
  • The U.S. National Archives: The Nation’s Attic
  • Wrap-up, Completion Certificate; Q&A

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