14 August 2009

A County Fair, A Pony, Babies, and a Wedding

I knew I had this picture somewhere. Organizing my bookshelves helped to find it. The 78th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is "Ride 'Em Cowboy - Share Your Pony Pictures." This event is sponsored by Jasia of the Creative Gene blog.

I don't always have the opportunity to participate in the various themes, special postings, carnivals, and other wonderful Geneablogger events but this one came at the perfect time. I will be participating in-person at a large event involving Geneabloggers at the FGS Conference in Little Rock in a few weeks.

Way back in 1958 my Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Bill took me to the Ramsey County Fair. Imagine what happened to my ten year old ego when the St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press published a picture of me! Apparently I even had to circle my own picture so I would recognize myself.

My aunt and uncle are at the very back of the picture. Bill is holding their oldest son, Rick, and Jeanie is obviously very pregnant. In fact, that baby, my cousin Maureen, was born on August 11th. I am so glad I found this picture today as Jeanie and Bill's youngest daughter, Patti, is getting married tomorrow. I know my Aunt Jeanie would be so proud and is looking down at Patti and smiling.

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