04 August 2009

Google expands its "News Archive Search"

Have you used Google's newspaper archive search? It is one of my favorite search capabilities for obituaries and other newspaper items. Many of the links that pop up are to other websites that require a fee. Many of these do have subscriptions for home users. Your public library may have subscriptions to these sites.

Google has also been digitizing newspapers and has recently quadrupled number of articles included in "News Archive Search."

Try some searches here.

See the full notice on Google's own blog.


Ambar said...

What a great tip! That turned up a free full-text source for an obit for one of my great-uncles -- a source I didn't know existed. Thanks!

Jane said...

I had not heard of this yet! Thanks. I have used Google New Archive a lot in the past, so will get organized and check some more.