28 August 2009

"Longtime volunteer leaves $25,000 to Newfields Public Library"

That is the headline from an article that tells how Barbara Bechtold Byrne (Bobbie) willed that $25,000 to the library in Newfields, New Hampshire. As the article on the Seacoastonline.com states:

"The library was also a place where Byrne could delve into the books and historical records dedicated to two of her favorite topics — Revolutionary history and genealogies.

'Her goal was to promote this area — the history and genealogy of the town — going back to Colonial days," Chris said. "She wanted to make sure we kept that history from the very early days alive.' "

Read the full story here. What a wonderful legacy in this time when so many libraries, archives, and historical societies are struggling to preserve history with diminishing town, county and state funding.

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