07 March 2010

Next seminar: March 27th, Monroe, Michigan

If you live in or near Monroe, Michigan I invite you to attend an all day seminar I am presenting for the Genealogical Society of Monroe County, Michigan. Monroe is located in the southeastern tip of Michigan. The date is March 27th. For more information and registration details, please request the flyer as an email attachment from germangenes@charter.net or from me at PaulaStuartWarren@gmail.com.

Untrodden Ground: Sources You May Not Have Encountered
Genealogical guidebooks often repeat each other in the sources they teach us about. However, there are many other useful sources. Resources related to occupation, religion, poor ancestors, traveling companions, and records beyond death are filled with family data.

Major Midwestern Archives & their Records
Highlighting some major Midwestern archives and their holdings, finding aids, websites, special indexes, and available assistance for those not visiting in-person. An overview of each state archive will be covered – but those in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio will be covered in greater detail, showing the wealth of material available and how to access it.

New York State: The hanging Face of the Modern Era
New York research is not a simple matter.  However, New York research is not as bleak as many have complained. Today’s genealogists are fortunate to have an expanding array of publications, indexes, ebsites, and advice to help them along in the search. This lecture focuses on some of the “new” things in New York research that have come about in the last several years.

Newspaper Research: The Dailies, Weeklies, and Beyond
Newspapers are one of the most important research sources. The neighborhood, ethnic, cultural, foreign language, and religious newspapers are often overlooked. Learn how to locate the newspapers all over the U.S. and wring more information from them. Examples will also make you aware of newspaper indexes, both published and unpublished, and massive microfilming and digitization projects.

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