10 March 2010

WDYTYA Episode 2, Emmitt Smith

Suzanne Russo Adams from Ancestry.com reports that the tune-in numbers for the first episode of Who Do You Think You Are? have been tabulated by the ratings companies. They show that "more than 6.85 million viewers tuned in to watch it, making it the No. 2-rated show that hour." Wow. Impressive numbers for something billed as genealogy.

Suzanne reminds us that this Friday, March 12th, the WDYTYA episode features Emmitt Smith, a former NFL football star. Some of you may remember him from Dancing with the Stars. On this week's episode "Emmitt Smith sets out to discover his slavery roots. In this episode, look for the Monroe County Courthouse in Monroe County, Alabama, and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Lisa Kudrow calls Emmitt's episode "unbelievable" and the most compelling of the seven."

Check out the online teaser. I saw some of it on the Oprah show yesterday and it is going to be a dramatic episode. I think you might want to have the box of tissues handy. I will also be watching my friend Marjorie Sholes talking to Emmitt about his slave roots. Tune in on Friday, March 12th at 8 pm. (7 pm central).

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