05 October 2010

Ancestry in Kingman, Arizona (Mojave County)?

Genealogical research on families in this area is about to become easier. The county is digitizing 600 volumes of old records. The article quotes Microfilm Records Technician Stephanie Ciofalo, "As the article says "I love these old books," Ciofalo said. "The handwriting was amazing in those days. This is Mohave County's history. These records will be available to the public and much more accessible in digital format. That's why we are doing this; to preserve the books and to allow ease of access for the public."

People will be able to request information and the County Recorder's Office will be able to access the material and print it out but there will be a charge for the copy. I wonder if they will allow the public to view the digitized material? Oftentimes we find valuable details by reading through a book of deeds or other court records.

Click here to read the article in the 3 October online Daily Miner.

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