15 October 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 Water

Today thousands of bloggers from over 125 different countries are writing about about water issues in their communities and around the world. I thought about this in my life and the lives of my ancestors.

Today water access and shortages affect us all and that includes all the countries where my ancestors were born. I remember thinking about how neat outdoor water pumps were when I visited farms as a child. Most of my ancestors didn't even have that luxury. They likely had to carry water to their homes from some distant source. Today that has not change for many residents of our world, even in this 21st Century.

I have lived at the edge of a small town where we did not have city water. The well water wasn't even responding kindly to treatment and the water was not drinkable, clothing was ruined in the laundry, and showers weren't exactly refreshing. Imagine having that problem day in and day out in many countries.

Reading about water issues over the past year has given me the impetus to buy less individual bottles of water, to not let the shower run more than needed, and to be so grateful for rain. Every time you think it is time to green up that lawn, stand in that shower for 30 minutes, or to do only small loads in the washer or dishwasher, remember that many others have access to very little water and that the water supply in many places is not increasing.

Read more about water conditions worldwide at http://blog.blogactionday.org/

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